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Ford Transit 2000 Up To 2014 Tipper Multi Fit Rear Extra Large Seat Cover - MFRXL

Ford Transit 2000 Up To 2014 Tipper Multi Fit Rear Extra Large Seat Cover - MFRXL

Multi Fit Rear Extra Large Universal Seat Cover.

Please note that this universal seat cover which fits the Ford Transit Tipper. The cover is designed to accommodate 2 or 3 rear headrests and can accommodate any configuration of rear seat belts, including a 3rd inertia reel seat belt. This seat cover will also accommodate ISO fix child seats.

Perfect for protection in domestic, industrial and agricultural environments.

Protects upholstery from dirt, grease, oil, water, food and drink.

Extremely strong, heavy duty water resistant car seat cover designed from material which allows air to circulate more freely between the seat cover and occupant which leads to reduced sweating and a noticeably cooler feel in warmer climates.

Made from heavy duty high tenacity polyester material with a polyurethane backing.

Manufactured by ISO certified factories for Town and Country Covers.

Available in Grey and Black.

Protects front of tipper rear bench seat.
Available in 2 colours.
Does not cover head rests.
Does not cover back of seat.
Does not allow split rear seats to fold down individually.
Velcro slot to allow headrest through.
Velcro slot up centre of cover for seat belt.
Elasticated base.

Important Note - This universal rear seat cover is not suitable for use in vehicles with seat mounted airbags.

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Price: 37.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)
Price: 45.54 (Including VAT at 20%)